The No Plastic Waste campaign is a movement aimed at stopping the flow of plastics into our environment, at the source. We support the implementation of an urgent, scalable, and effective solution to the plastic waste crisis. The time to act is now.

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Press 25 Sep 2019

Market can lead way in controlling our plastics crisis

Since the mass production of plastic began, almost 6 billion tonnes of it - about 91 per cent - has remained in our air, land and water. Plastic production and use are embedded in the global economy - and in our natural environment. It takes so long to break down that every piece produced since its inception in 1856 still exists today, except the small share we’ve burned into poisonous gases.

Press 25 Sep 2019

Global Industry Initiative Launched to End Plastic Pollution

NEW YORK, 25 SEP 2019-- Minderoo Foundation, a global philanthropic organisation, today announced a US$300 million commitment to a new industry-focused initiative to end worldwide plastic waste.