"Let’s imagine a world free of plastic waste."

Andrew Forrest, co-founder of the Minderoo Foundation, delivers a TEDTalk about the plastic waste crisis and proposes a solution that could transform our world into one with #noplasticwaste.

The Plastic

When our world is in balance, it is healthy. Everything that comes from the earth, returns to the earth and contributes to new life. This cycle is key to healthy ecosystems, and a healthy world.

With plastics, that cycle is currently broken. We make plastic, we use it for sometimes only a few seconds, and then we throw it away. The majority of the plastic we make, use and waste ends up in our environment causing harm to our ecosystems, and to ourselves. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists, in some form of waste, on this earth.

Of the 6.3 Billion tonnes of
plastic waste produced to date only 9% has ever been recycled.
Plastic waste breaks down into micro and nano plastics.
There are as many as 51 trillion microplastic particles — 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy — in our oceans and seas.

It will be our generation that is responsible for the irreversible elimination of oceanic wildlife, and the destruction of the natural world as we know it.
The only time to act is now.


Why is this happening?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It is more expensive to recycle plastic, than it is to make plastic from scratch from fossil fuels, like oil. This broken plastic economy has encouraged the production of new plastic to increase dramatically while recycling efforts have decreased. We don’t have the recycling infrastructure in place to deal with all of the plastic waste we create and yet we continue to make more, and more, and more...

What is the Solution?

Step 1

Support a Circular Economy

We support a circular economy in plastics, where no waste or pollution is produced and the products we make are kept in use over and over again.

Step 2

Slow Production from Fossil Fuel

A circular economy would also help slow the production of plastic from fossil fuels and ultimately, eliminate it altogether.

Step 3

Pay a Voluntary Contribution

To encourage the shift to a circular economy, we believe the companies that produce plastic from fossil fuels and the brands that use it should pay a voluntary contribution into a fund. This voluntary contribution will make it cheaper to recycle than to make plastic from fossil fuels.

Step 4

Increase Demand for Recycled Plastics

Producers will then shift to making plastic from plastic. This will increase demand for recycled plastics as well as incentivize the collection of plastic waste from our environment.

Step 5

Support Recycling Infrastructure and Clean-Up

The money raised by the voluntary contribution would support global recycling infrastructure and clean-up initiatives, helping the industry transition to a circular economy.

Step 6

Embrace the Future

By giving plastic a new life, and another, and another, and another...we keep plastic in our economy, and out of our environment.

A Seismic Shift

We have the power to restore our world, ecosystems, wildlife and oceans to a healthy state. This is within reach of our generation if we act now.

We need to encourage every actor across the plastics supply change to leverage their ability to change the way the world uses, and wastes plastic. While we can, and should, make better choices, we need #NoPlasticWaste options that are affordable, and accessible, to everyone.

Our petition asking manufacturers, corporations and retailers to do more to stop the plastic waste epidemic and join us in creating real solutions garnered 20,000 signatures! Thank you for your support. With your help, we will continue to fight for a world with No Plastic Waste.

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I want a world with #noplasticwaste. I want companies to help create a circular plastic economy, use recycled plastics, and take responsibility for the impact plastic waste has on our environment. The time to act is NOW.
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